Helping the World Sleep Better Through Science


Restful Sleep ...

Everyone needs it. But did you know restful sleep can not only prolong your life, but also improve all aspects of your day to day performance? 

Increased energy, better memory and mood, and even a healthier, slimmer body can all achieved through better sleep. Studies show that quality, uninterrupted sleep can decrease rates of disease, reduce body fat, help you function better at work, and make you more productive in general. 

Hospitology designs and manufactures sleep products to improve the quality of your sleep experience through science. We use high-tech fabrics and knowledge of sleep medicine to create products meant to promote better sleep.




Sleep 101: Principles of Sleep Science

Temperature Control

Feeling too hot or too cold can disrupt sleep patterns, causing restless sleep. Through the use lightweight and breathable materials, our bedding products help maintain your body temperature for the ideal sleeping climate by allowing free circulation of cooling air to your body while maintaining warmth when needed.

Comfort and Quiet

The key to staying in deep sleep is to reduce factors that cause your body to re-position itself while sleeping. This includes pressure points on muscles and joints from awkward sleeping positions, as well as skin irritation from uncomfortable fabrics. We use the highest quality fabrics and fillings to promote plush sleeping environments, ultra-soft sleep surfaces, and virtually noiseless fabrics.


Allergen Relief

Even those without traditional "allergies" can be affected by mild allergen contact in the form of dust, mites, and organic fibers. This disrupts respiratory function during sleep, leading to frequent departures from "deep sleep" to less- restful "light sleep" as your body struggles to maintain a regular flow of breathing.

Barrier Bedding

Our barrier bedding products help protect your bed from all manner of sleep depriving calamities. Waterproof mattress protectors protect against spills and incontinence, while lab-tested bed bug encasements are a vital part of fighting an infestation. They also block dust, mites, and other allergens that are embedded in your mattress from reaching you as you sleep